About Jeem

Grew up in the sweltering heat of Karachi. I am a six feet tall tireless seeker of knowledge usually on silent mode turned on. I’m also, coincidentally, a Graphic designer and in actual a Concept artist who loves to draw and eat Biryani all the time. That’s what makes me love myself.

I am a graduate of the Graphic Design program from Karachi School of Art at Karachi, Pakistan. I should hope my work reflects that. I draw stuff I like and create visually compelling design stuffs for my clients to the latest standards. I enjoy never being satisfied with my work, playing first person shooter games, reading and eagerly waiting for the zombie apocalypse. I do everyday study of other artists, designers’ work mostly of the One who’s up above the 7th sky.

I have successfully been a freelance concept artist, web and UI designer now for a while with satisfied clients worldwide. I’ve been working professionally for over three years and it has given me even more love for my work. I have worked with production houses, web developers, other amazing artists and some corn and toothpaste makers. Currently, trying to give my best to Social Media Universe. In short, I work for clients that can be anywhere on this planet. mA.

Disclaimer: All the fancy terms used above are there just to make myself sound more important and to explain that I try to do stuff on time (so annoying, i know).

Feel free to contact me, hire me or tell me your dark secrets. I’m available!

Salaam and love.

Syed Jeem

My Skills

  • Drawing and Illustration

  • Graphic Design

  • User Exerience Design (UXD or UED)

  • Poetry